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“Welcome home, how was your day?” He asked me, looking up from his notebook with a slight smile.

That smile was one that made you feel welcome and safe upon seeing it, and I was lucky enough that I got to see it every day. I never saw him smile the same way at anyone else, except maybe Natalia a few times.

“I didn’t like it, Sarah doesn’t make any sense when she talks. She doesn’t know anything about what she tries to talk about.” I answered, setting my backpack down on the couch without bothering to return the question.

Sarah was the closest thing to a friend I had at the time, at least at my school. She was a very nice girl but she was rather obnoxious. She didn’t think before she spoke, which may I add, she did rather often. Our conversations were always one-sided because getting a word in was nearly impossible with her. Her knowledge on every subject she spoke about was extremely limited and even in class, it seemed she couldn’t stop talking. She always tried to talk to me during our lessons and managed to always get me into trouble for it despite my silence during these ramblings.

“I see, well, you have to consider that you are much more advanced than the other kids in your grade. You know a lot more academically, as well as more about the world because of our travelling family.” He explained to me as his gaze returned to his notebook and his smile faded, replaced by a look of deep thought.

He’s doing homework.

I eagerly followed his example and pulled out my math workbook and began doing my own assignments. Math was definitely my weakest subject, so I always tried to knock it out first. Sometimes I needed help from Carter but today, I found that I completed the task easily. My brother stopped doing his homework shortly after I had started on my English studies. I glanced up from my book when I heard him stand up from his armchair. He smiled at me again, differently this time, as if he’d remembered a good moments from the past.

“I almost forgot to tell you. Leah, is coming over today. I heard she’s bringing you a present.” He told me, which explained the smile.

I never took to Natalia’s nickname of ‘Leah’. I much preferred to call her by her full name, and since she never seemed to care, that is what I called her. Carter, Natalia, and I had pretty much become our own family since my actual parents were hardly around. I loved Natalia almost as much as I loved my brother; She was so nice to me and brought me presents constantly.

“Really?” I said, my face lighting up with joy, “I love Natalia!”

Carter smiled teasingly now, “I know you do, but You don’t get to hang out with us, or get your present, if your homework isn’t done when she gets here so you better hurry.”

My focus Immediately returned to my workbook. Though the rush was unnecessary, English was the easiest subject in the world to me and I could get everything correct on my first try, even with my being in advanced reading and writing courses. However, I was determined to get that present and to see Natalia, so I worked as quickly as possible. I shut my book and shortly afterdoing so, the doorbell rang.
I wanted to get back into writing, but not just poetry. My story writing skills are really rusty but hopefully they aren't to bad and practice makes perfect. I hope you guys and gals enjoy.
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Submitted on
January 29, 2014